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We specialize in all types of real estate purchases and refinances. Honest Title Agency has considerable experience closing commercial construction loans, real estate advantage loans (formerly known as SBA 504), SBA 7A loans, 1031 Exchanges, Reverse 1031 Exchanges, as well as tax-exempt bond transactions.

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In addition to providing industry-leading service, Honest Title Agency is committed to furthering your success by combining experience with innovation and creativity. With us, customer service goes beyond the obvious, timeliness, and accuracy, and encompasses our commitment to serving as your consultant, designing creative solutions while showcasing the value you bring to the transaction.

Our goal is to provide you with superior service in a timely fashion and to “partner” with you in your commercial real estate transactions. Our impressive team of gifted professionals will provide you with real solutions well before they become insurance obstacles.

Title & Closing Services Offered

Owners and Encumbrances Reports
Loan and Owners ALTA Policies
Pre-Foreclosure Commitments
Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure Commitments
Tax Lien and Judgment Searches UCC
Closings at your place of business
Construction Loan Disbursing
Document Recordation
Escrow Services
1031 Exchange Transactions

Why Choose Us

  • Our Superior Client Services. We will exceed your expectations before, during, and after the transaction is finalized!
  • Our Active Ownership. Locally owned and involved in daily operations as well as the community!
  • Our Mobile Closing Services. Flexible mobile closing services allow us to come to you with minimal disruption in your busy schedule!
  • Our Flexibility in Working with the Smallest and Largest Title Insurance Transactions. You will receive the same stellar solutions and client services regardless of size!
  • Our Decades of Experience, Knowledge, and Resources. Our well-versed and diverse staff will provide peace of mind to ensure all title and closing services are completed with accuracy and brevity. We can facilitate commercial construction loans, SBA 504 Loans, SBA 7A loans, 1031 Exchanges, Reverse 1031 Exchanges, tax-exempt bond transactions, and more!

“Honest Title Agency, LLC is an Authorized Policy-Issuing Agent of Old Republic Title”

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  • Justin Kim

    Justin Kim is a seasoned professional in the title insurance industry, boasting an impressive 15 years of experience. As the owner of Honest Title Agency, he has demonstrated a consistent commitment to providing high-quality service and ensuring customer satisfaction.Justin's journey in the title insurance sector began over a decade and a half ago. Over the years, he has honed his skills and knowledge, becoming an expert in the field. His extensive experience spans various aspects of title insurance, including underwriting, claims, and sales. His comprehensive understanding of the industry has been instrumental in his ability to provide clients with insightful advice and effective solutions.In his role as the owner of Honest Title Agency, Justin has shown exceptional leadership and strategic thinking. Under his guidance, the agency has grown significantly, gaining a reputation for its integrity, professionalism, and dedication to clients. Justin's commitment to honesty and transparency in all transactions has set the agency apart in the competitive title insurance market.Justin's success in the industry is not only attributed to his expertise and leadership skills, but also his customer-centric approach. He believes that understanding clients' needs and exceeding their expectations is key to building long-lasting relationships. His approach has resulted in a high level of client retention and referrals, further testament to his abilities.In addition to his professional accomplishments, Justin is known for his active participation in industry events and forums. He is always keen to stay updated with the latest trends and developments in the title insurance industry, ensuring that his agency remains at the forefront of the field.With his wealth of experience, industry knowledge, and commitment to excellence, Justin Kim continues to make significant contributions to the title insurance industry. His leadership at Honest Title Agency is a clear demonstration of his capabilities and dedication to his clients.